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Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum

Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum

Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum


Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum is one of the true gems of the Greater Cincinnati region. The forward-thinking founders established the groundwork for a landscape that continues to flourish, providing the community with not only a serene final resting place for their loved ones, but also an exceptional outdoor educational facility. The founding fathers of the cemetery and arboretum, who were members of the Cincinnati Horticulture Society, possessed a strong desire to develop a landscape in the Romantic English style, with rolling hills and picturesque views. Robert Buchanan, the driving force behind the Horticulture Society and the creation of the rural cemetery, insisted that the new cemetery be built on a site with "gentle elevation" and "interspersed with ravines that afforded a charming variety". The proper site was purchased (750 acres), and Spring Grove Cemetery was established in 1845.


Accredited Arboretum Level III imageSpring Grove Cemetery & ArboretumSpring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum
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