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Pine Hollow Arboretum

Pine Hollow Arboretum


The Pine Hollow Arboretum is a 25-acre property located in Slingerlands, New York. In 1966, founder John W. Abbuhl, M.D. started planting trees around his home to create an attractive setting. His affinity with the land, his interest in horticulture and his love of trees combined to inspire the creation of an arboretum. Over the ensuing decades, Dr. Abbuhl has added over 3,400 woody plantings to the collection and, in doing so, has transformed the property into an aesthetically pleasing, yet gently groomed landscape. In his words, the guiding principle has been "trees in a natural environment" and "to allow the land to tell me what to do". In 2007, the Pine Hollow Arboretum became a non-profit corporation and in 2012 became permanently certified by the NYS Education Department.

The arboretum's cataloged collection consists of over 3,300 unique trees, shrubs and other woody plants from around the world, some of which are rare and/or endangered. This living collection, representing over 180 genera, is aesthetically arranged in a natural setting that includes 12 ponds and an Eastern White Pine forest. The collection is primarily organized throughout the property by geographic origin (i.e. the Russian Pond, the Western Glade, etc.) with some areas devoted to certain species, such as firs and magnolias (i.e. the Fir Trail, the Magnolia Field, etc).

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