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Moore Farms Botanical Garden

Moore Farms Botanical Garden


Nestled among fields of corn and soybeans, this dynamic 50 acre garden is set in the rural Pee Dee region near Lake City, South Carolina. Embracing its southern pastoral setting through an informal, expressive design scheme, the garden is a careful blend of exuberant plant displays, bounding meadows and enduring vistas of grey green pines. Woven throughout this aesthetic tapestry are innovative research, educational programs and community outreach. The resulting union of art and scholarship is a dazzling example of the modern botanical garden.

In a unique partnership with the local community, Moore Farms Botanical Garden designs, installs and maintains many of the public areas in downtown Lake City. These urban landscapes showcase uncommon beauty and diversity, while also serving as secondary sites for replicating significant botanical collections.  

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100 New Zion Road, Lake City, South Carolina 29560, United States,
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