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Lam Vien Forestry Experimental Station

Lam VIen

Lam Vien Forestry Experimental Station


The Lam Vien Forestry Experimental Station was established in 1932, named Lang Hanh Forestry Experimental Station, belongs to the Institute Research Agricultural of Indochina - Institut des Recherches Agronomique de Indochine (IRAI). The Cam Ly Forestry Experimental Station was established in 1947 and belongs to the Ministry Agricultural. In 2014, Lang Hanh Station and Camly Station were grouped and named Lam Vien Forestry Experimental Station under the control of FSIH (Forest Science Institute of Central Highlands and South of Central Vietnam) currently.

The Lam Vien Station has responsibilities such as plantations for scientific research, collecting plant around the word and locally. From 1932, the Lam Vien station collected 78 woody species from other countries to plant in the fields such as Eucalyptus spp., Pinus spp., etc. The other species as Accacia spp. were also collected for plantations. They planted many endemic and/or rare species in Highlands, many of them listed in the IUCN red list, as Pinus krempfii, Pinus dalatensis, Fokienia hodginsii, Dalbergia cochinchinensis, Dipterocarpus dyeri, etc.  Lam Vien Arboreum was considered the earliest and the biggest Arboretum in the Highlands and south of the center of Vietnam.

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