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Arboretum-Pinetum Lucus Augusti


Arboretum-Pinetum Lucus Augusti


Lucus Augusti is a small private arboretum that is mainly conceived as a shelter for the preservation of endangered species. The arboretum holds an important collection of conifers and other families of plants, with species like Wollemia nobilis (one of the highest exemplars cultivated in Europe), Torreya taxifolia, Fitzroya cupressoides, Pilgerodendron uviferum, Cupressus vietnamensis,  Cupressus abramsiana, Cupressus goveniana, Abies fanjingshanensis..., Quercus look, Betula megrelica... ,among many other trees and plants. The Lucus Augusti arboretum is located very close to the Ceao industrial park of Lugo (Galiza, Spain).

Accredited Arboretum Level I imagePine trees
Estrada Mosteiro-Bonxe s/n, Mosteiro (Outeiro de Rei) - Lugo, 27153, Spain,
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