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Arboretum Management

Resources related to establishing and running an arboretum.



             Mission statement overview

             Questions to ask in developing the key purpose and focus of the garden

Establishing & managing an arboretum

             Organizing a new garden

             BGCI's Manual on Planning, Developing and Managing Botanic Gardens

                  Chapter 1 - Planning and Implementing Botanic Garden Design Projects

                  Chapter 2 - Governance Models, Human and Financial Resources Development

                  Chapter 3 - No plant collection without a strategy or policy

                  Chapter 4 -The Plant Collection in the International Policy Context

                  Chapter 5 - Collection Record Management Systems

                  Chapter 6 - Horticulture Mananagement

             Feasibility study for the creation of a new garden

             Public gardens management (reference book)

             Capacity for Conservation organizational self-assessment

             Sustainable campus landscape guide

Strategic plan

             Sample arboretum plan

             Strategic Plan - Arlington National Cemetery Memorial Arboretum


             Tyler Arboretum exhibition marketing plan summary


             Case study - Staffing and personnel management


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