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Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University at St. Louis campus

Washington University in St. Louis


Washington University was founded in St. Louis in 1853 as the city underwent an historic period of growth. The university’s hilltop campus now known as Danforth Campus where it continues to reside, was established in 1900, and today consists of 169 acres featuring a diverse collection of trees. The 4200 trees on campus range from well-established historical trees to newly planted, climate resilient ones. Among these trees is the American Basswood, which stands near the Chancellor’s Office, and was planted at the same time as the building of the iconic Brookings Hall in the early 1900’s. Another, a Tulip Poplar, is an offspring of one of the original Tulip Poplars planted George Washington, the university’s namesake, at Mount Vernon in 1785.

The Trees at Washington University’s Danforth Campus serves the St. Louis Region by promoting environmental appreciation and sustainability on campus. With each tree planted on campus, Washington University becomes more integrated with its surrounding landscape, blending with the beautiful tree-lined neighborhood streets and nearby Forest Park.

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