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Holden Forests and Gardens

Holden Forests and Gardens


Holden Forests and Gardens in Kirtland, Ohio was started in 1931 with a bequest from Albert Fairchild Holden. In 2011, The Holden Forests and Gardens celebrated 80 years as part of the the Northeastern Ohio community. For almost eight decades, Holden has served as a destination for visitors seeking to find their place in nature, a resource for professional and home landscapers and a partner in the education for the region.

Covering 3,600 acres, Holden Forests and Gardens is among the largest arboreta in the United States. Documenting more than 120,000 plants, Holden's horticultural focus is on a recognized collection of trees and shrubs, which are displayed in gardens accompanied by groundcovers and perennials, and in themed collections. They collect and display a diversity of plants and trees for evaluation and educational purposes, in order to convey sustainable plant choices recommended for their region. By sustainable, they mean plants that are adapted to their soils and climatic extremes, free from chronic diseases and significant pests, and non-invasive of natural areas. Plants include rhododendrons, magnolias, maples, conifers, nut trees, wildflowers, lilacs and viburnums. A visitor center, reference library and picnic area are on the grounds. Holden connects people with nature for inspiration and enjoyment, fosters learning and promotes conservation.

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