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Fryfogel Arboretum


Fryfogel Arboretum


The Fryfogel Arboretum is situated on a five acre property adjacent to the  significantly historic Fryfogel Tavern. This building is on the  site of the first structure built around 1830, as a gateway to the opening of Perth and Huron counties in  what was Upper Canada. The current Tavern building was constructed in 1845. At the time of the establishment of the settlement of the Fryfogel Tavern, by the Swiss Inn Keeper, Sebastian Fryfogel, no road access    existed to the western counties in what is now Western Ontario.  

With the arrival of the early settlers came extensive clearing of land to make way for the strong and prosperous agricultural communities that followed. The loss of tree cover was total. In 2013, the initiative to rehabilitate  and re-establish a forest using the native species of Perth County was begun on this site and the Fryfogel Arboretum was born. The importance of identifying and educating the public about our rich heritage of native trees, shrubs and wildflowers and the fauna they support was the inspiration for this project. 

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