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Downtown Lincoln Arboretum

Downtown Lincoln fall trees

Downtown Lincoln Arboretum


The Downtown Lincoln Arboretum consists of 90 square blocks of urban sidewalk planting beds, located in the center of Lincoln, NE.

The arboretum is bounded on the north by the city campus of the University of Nebraska. On the southside by the State Capitol and Lincoln Mall. The west side is bordered by the newly developed West Haymarket. And finally, eastside is bordered by the 17th St. Corridor.

The arboretum consists of a mix of perennial beds, trees, shrubs, Bioswale plantings along with designed annual plants in standalone planters. The tree collection consists of over 1200 trees representing 24 genus and 97 species. The Downtown Lincoln Arboretum researches these trees on the basis of annual growth, plant health and survivability in an urban setting.

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