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Dogwood's Mac Post Arboretum

Dogwood Arboretum

Dogwood's Mac Post Arboretum


Dogwood’s Mac Post Arboretum is operated under the direction of the Dogwood Elementary School, and includes input from the surrounding Lindberg Forest Neighborhood Association, and an informal coalition of partners working to enhance experiential-outdoor learning at the school. The arboretum’s mission is to promote an understanding and appreciation of trees and nature through educational activities and programs that integrate science, liberal arts, and health.  The focus is on native plant collections in an ecologically appropriate and natural setting for student and public study and quiet enjoyment. Only 2 miles from the city center of Knoxville Tennessee, it is located in a natural forest with a temporary stream, a half-mile nature trail containing 51 labeled tree species, and a large number of woodland plants and wildflowers.


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705 Tipton Ave., Knoxville, Tennessee 37920, United States,
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