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About ArbNet

Welcome to ArbNet, a global network for tree-focused professionals!

ArbNet facilitates the sharing of knowledge, experience, and resources to help arboreta meet their institutional goals.


Through the Morton Register of Arboreta, anyone can:

  • search tree-focused gardens around the globe
  • identify potential collaborators
  • discover arboreta in their area

Through the international Accreditation Program, ArbNet:

  • raises professional arboretum standards
  • promotes collaboration among institutions
  • provides a platform for tree conservation

The resource pages and online forum make ArbNet a website for and by our community.
Through these sources, community members can:

  • contribute helpful resource documents and links
  • search for content to advance their institution
  • contribute to meaningful and productive arboretum based discussions
  • ask tree-related questions of their fellow community members