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Holden Arboretum, Cleveland Botanical Garden alive with projects

By Betsy Scott

Despite unseasonably cold weather, spring continues to creep its way into Holden Arboretum, and some major projects are progressing as well. The big three slated for completion in September are the Corning Lake restoration, the canopy walk and emergent tower, and the deer fence that will eliminate the need for erecting temporary fencing throughout the heart of the property.

The Corning Lake work is the first to meet most visitors’ eyes on their drive into the property. The lake has been dredged and remains empty until inlet and outlet infrastructure is constructed. The finished project will feature a terrace at the north end and various groupings of plant communities that thrive in the area.

“Corning Lake restoration is stage one of a much larger project we’re calling Corning Lake Gardens,” said Brian Parsons, planning and special projects director. He said new family-friendly activities are planned as well. “The exciting thing is we’ll finally have access to the island in Corning Lake.”

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015