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Engaging the public

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The Global Trees Campaign and Fauna & Flora International (FFI) have a great social media tool to raise awareness about threatened species. FFI has developed the ‘treevotion’ quiz which aims to raises awareness of threatened trees in an entertaining manner, by matching people to their “treemate” through a satirically-romantic series of questions, such as “Where would you meet your dream tree?” and “What would annoy you the most in your leafy partner?”

The quiz introduces people to extra-ordinary threatened tree species and then provide the opportunity to share the quiz with friends. The Global Trees Campaign will not be seeking donations or collecting user data through this project; it is solely an awareness raising campaign.

This is a great program and an engaging way to raise awareness about threatened trees. The Global Trees Campaign is asking us all to share the quiz on your website/social feeds. They are using the hashtag; #treemate.

Hope you can find a place to promote this to your own audiences!